Make Time for Magic

Life is busy. Work, kids’ activities, cleaning, homework, paying bills…it is amazing that we stay on top of everything that needs to be done! As life is often so hectic, I cherish the times when I get to really connect with my kids. Something we have all enjoyed together in these bonding moments over the years has been a love of fairies.

I think it really started with the tooth fairy. My oldest daughter wanted to write her a note to explain that, as it was her first tooth, it was special and could she please keep it? The tooth fairy wrote back, let her keep the tooth, and my daughter was thrilled. From then on there were regular notes back and forth with the fairies, building fairy doors complete with door mats, and countless hours spent each summer tending to our fairy garden. The grandparents have also joined in the magic, bringing special fairy friends back from Florida, and buying tiny markers that the fairies can use when writing notes. Over the years, the fairies have become a part of our entire family!

Does it become a hassle when it is bed time and your child just “has” to finish writing something to a fairy? Yes. Does it cause moments of stress when you realize that the fairies “forgot” to write a note back – it sure does (“Oh, I guess the fairies were at one of their midnight parties last night and were too busy to write”). Is it worth every bit of effort you put in? Definitely. My daughters have kept all their notes from the fairies over the years, and frequently read them over. We continue to create new items for our fairy garden, play fairy games, and read stories about fairies together.

My kids are getting older now, and I’m not sure how many more notes there will be to the fairies. My eldest daughter is 13 and has stopped writing to them, but she fondly remembers when she was about 5 years old and heard a little fairy voice talking to her from the front porch. My younger daughter, who is almost 9, continues to leave notes. I often catch her talking to her fairy figurines on her shelf, and she just made a new blanket for one the other day. I want this childhood wonder to continue as long as possible.

So, when the hassles of the “real” world feel like they are taking over, make sure you find time to make some magic in your kids’ lives. It is worth it – for all of you! Bonding, fond memories and magical moments – what more could you want for your family?