We are peregrine – a multidisciplinary creative studio supporting the endeavours of our founders and friends.

With a pedigree in visual effects and animation our team has been involved in some of the most memorable cinematic projects of the past 25 years.

For the last decade we have been delivering high end creative technology via our Labs team who are honoured recipients of a Science and Technology Academy Award® for their technical contribution to the industry.

Yeti is a procedural geometry processing framework that just happens to be targeted at creating fur, feathers and a high number of “things” in a very efficient way for use in high end production environments (though many small to medium sized studios make great use of it).

Bokeh is a compositing plugin that leverages deep compositing to simulate the light interaction with camera lenses to render depth of field as a highly optimized post effect.

More recently our Discovery project has evolved with the goal of re-imagining childhood education and wellbeing.

We’re excitedly busy with new ventures and collaborations that we can’t wait to share.